Study spearheaded by Robertson’s Auto Salvage owner finds salvage yards reduce CO2

Nov 21, 2017

Results of a new study spearheaded by the co-owner of Robertson’s Auto Salvage in Wareham revealed there’s more to salvage yards than rows upon rows of junked cars. In Massachusetts, the industry prevents 2.2 million tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere through recycling.

That equates to the annual emissions from 388,516 passenger cars, according to the study. Scott Robertson says the information may change attitudes about salvage yards.

“This industry has always had a negative public perception – the dirty junkyard the polluted junk yard,” said Robertson. “I’ve always known that we’re good guys and good for the environment.”

The study is titled “Assessing the Environmental Impact of Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts.” Sponsored by the Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts, it was independently conducted by four Worcester Polytechnic seniors in order to complete their degrees in mechanical engineering.

“What the automotive recyclers are doing is saving materials, saving energy and impacting the environment in a positive way, thus adding value to the economy of the state” said Professor Brajendra Mishra, PhD, director of the Metal Processing Institute at WPI and advisor for the study.

In business since 1970, Robertson’s Auto Salvage process approximately 3,000 cars annually.

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