How to Find Used Car Parts

May 7, 2018

There are few things worse than your car dying, especially when you don’t have the money to pay for a new part to repair it. Fortunately, getting used parts is easier (and much cheaper!) than you might think. This guide will teach you about a few of the places you can look for second-hand car parts to get back on the road faster.

Pick & Pull Salvage Yards

Salvage yards are a paradise for anyone who needs a used auto part. These facilities usually have a huge range of vehicles, including both domestic and foreign makes and models. If you’ve never been to a pick & pull salvage yard before, you might be feeling a little intimidated. A few tips will make all the difference.

If possible, ask a friend or relative who has been to your local salvage yard before to accompany you. This will make the entire process less daunting. You should also make sure you know exactly what part you need. This way, you’ll be able to ask for help if you need it; most salvage yards only have a couple of employees on duty at any 

given time, but they will assist you if you need it. Finally, be aware of the fact that you’ll have to remove the part you need on your own, so if tools will be required for the job, bring them.

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Specialty Repair Shops

It’s not uncommon for specialty auto repair shops to have used parts available at relatively low rates. This generally doesn’t include dealerships and mainstream auto parts stores. Instead, you’ll have to look off the beaten path a bit for independently owned garages and shops.

Acquaintances With Junk Cars

Just about everyone has that one friend who lives in the country and has at least three dead cars sitting in the yard at any given time. Have someone in mind? Good. Now ask him or her if the part you need happens to be sitting on his or her property.

Having acquaintances who own multiple junk cars can come in handy when you need a spare part, especially if they’re willing to help you put it on cheaply to boot.

Craigslist and eBay

In today’s world, Craigslist and eBay are what newspaper classified ads were in the 1960s. If you need something and you can’t seem to track it down, they should be your go-to's. Depending on the type of part you need to fix your broken down car, it may make more sense to look only for options with local pickup to avoid paying shipping costs. Otherwise, you have the ability to search worldwide!

Hunting around to find a used car part may seem like a challenge, but with these suggestions and a little patience, your bank account will certainly thank you! 

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